2022 New Year Specials

Check out the 2 Programs we have on our New Year Specials
(all sales end on 1/3/22 and go back to regular pricing)

FitMama 12 Week VIP Elite Program

1 on 1 Fully Customized Option - Sign up by 1/3/22 and get 18 Weeks (6 Weeks Free) including FREE Entry to our JUMP START DETOX PROGRAM ($675 Value for FREE)

We have built everything in our FitMama VIP program to create simplicity to help you master consistency in your fitness, nutrition, mindset and 1 on 1 accountability to help you get through it all.

    Lifestyle Habit Coaching: One week at a time we take you through our Lifestyle Habit Approach to getting control of your lifestyle, nutrition, fitness and mindset​

    Customized Nutrition : We set your with your proven and custom nutrition goals and teach you how to meet them and navigate through life while doing so

    ​Simplified Fitness: Easy to follow workouts delivered in one place for all to access through our customized app

    Mindset Coaching: We customize some mindset habits for you to follow as well as one on one zoom calls with your coaches

    ​1 on 1 Accountability: Not only do you get 1 on 1 accountability throughout your week with your personal coach, you get access to all of them in our exclusive VIP community for top notch accountabily - we don't wait for you to come to us, we are coming to you!

or Book a Call with Angela to talk 1 on 1 about all options via phone or zoom

$50 OFF Jump Start Detox
$20 OFF Membership

Jump Start Detox Program

ONLY $147 one time payment
(normally $197)

  • Jump Start Detox Program
    11 Day Meal Plan
    Grocery Shopping Lists
    60+ Anti Inflammation Recipes
    Access to Exclusive Detox FB Group
    Exclusive Trainings w/ Coaches
    Daily Group Accountability
    Guaranteed to lose 6 lbs in 11 Days
    Reduce Belly Bloat & Increase Energy
    Jump Start Long Term Weight Loss
    Free 1 on 1 Support Call w/ a Coach
    *only available few times a year 

FitMama Membership

ONLY $59 a month
(normally $79)

  • FitMama Membership
    Monthly Access to VIP Community
    Access to all Fitmama Coaches via group
    New workouts monthly
    New recipes monthly
    Group Accountability
    Weekly Mindset Trainings
    Exclusive Challenges
    and more
    *monthly draft of $59 a month 
    (can cancel at anytime)

25% OFF our FitMama Apparel Store

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Shop Suppments New Year Specials

Shop Angela's Favorite Collagen Based products to help with belly fat, gut health, energy, mental and brain health, and more.... 
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Hear From Others and Their Results

The best way we can explain the results you should expect when you join us in one of our FitMama Programs is by showing you the results of other women who have been through this process.

IMPORTANT: Many coaches highlight their very best clients, showing results that are not realistic for the average person. That is NOT what you're about to see here... 

The results below ARE typical in FitMama VIP. These are not hand-picked all-star clients. In fact, many of these women had struggle for years getting results before joining usThe FitMama process simply works... And it will work for you too. 
Hear from VIP Client Linda who went through our Jump Start Detox Program twice and then into our 12 Week 1 on 1 Customized Programs.  She lost inflammation and 6lbs in 11 days and has now lost 15+ more in our programs and has completely changed her mindset for life and long term health. 
Hear how Brianna went through our Jump Start Detox Program and went from tired and her clothes not fitting to energized, sleeping better, working out again and lost 6lbs in 11 days and has gone onto our 12 week program losing 10 more and is not stopping there!
Hear from our VIP client Stephanie who jumped right into our 12 week program lost and feeling unhealthier.  She was tired of losing and gaining the same weight and sitting on sidelines while her family was active and living life.  She lost 20+ lbs and has continued all the lifestlye changes she learned and more. 

Testimony from VIP Client Abby Herman

Before the detox and 12 week programs I was exercising regularly and thought I was eating fairly healthy, but my body wasn’t changing the way I wanted it to so I knew it was time for a change. I knew I was feeling more bloated than I should and I was also unhappy with the way my tummy was looking and figured it was time to ask for some help. I don’t honestly know how I even found The Fitmama Facebook page but I’m so glad I did! I was excited to try the detox to see how it would make me feel and to get some new tips on how I could change my body.
I decided to jump in with the detox program because it seemed so simple to follow, and who doesn’t want to lose weight in a fairly short amount of time?! I was also excited that the recipes were there for us to follow and I learned about some new things to try. All the recipes were so yummy!
After doing the detox, I decided to continue my journey into the 12 week program. Like I mentioned prior to the detox, I decided that I had been stubborn long enough in trying to get the results I wanted by myself, and knew it would be a good time to continue the journey while I already had a start from the detox. I also really liked how genuine the coaches were about helping me every time I talked with them. I feel like there is such a sense of “family” within the group and love that everyone shares with others and cheers each other on. I also liked the accountability it provided for me to stick to something knowing someone else was going to be checking in on me frequently.
My results from the 12 week program were awesome in my mind! I grew a ton in having a positive mindset. I now know that I can stick to macros consistently, but also that I don’t have to restrict myself in what I eat while still meeting my goals. I have learned SO much about what macros are important for my body and the results that I want to achieve. I also love that each week you get to focus on something new and build upon what you’re already doing. I lost about 6 pounds, around 3 inches from my waist, and a couple inches from my hips and each thigh. What I love the most though about what I lost, is what I can see in my progress pics that we take biweekly. I can’t believe how much my body has changed since I first started! I look forward to doing my measurements and checking the pictures to see if there has been visible changes. Though it’s not always a significant amount, it has slowly shown each week and the coaches always seem to find something to show me that I couldn’t see myself.
I have now decided to continue for another 12 weeks because I know what I’m capable of and don’t feel like I’m done seeing the changes yet. I am feeling so excited to continue and am also excited to get a macro adjustment to see where the next 12 weeks takes me. I feel more energized, like I’ve got a better complexion, and that my mood is just more positive from everything I’ve learned along the way. I’m excited that I can tell a significant difference in how my clothes are fitting. I’m having to buy new things because my clothes are too big!!
One of my favorite things about the programs is seeing what new thing I get to focus on each week and then the satisfaction of checking it off my list each day. I also really enjoy the positivity and advice that’s put out on the FB pages.
I can’t thank Angela, Laurie, and Anita enough for all of their expertise, advice, and encouraging words to help me through each week. 


Here are some important FitMama VIP 1 on 1 Coaching details:
  • Dates: Start anytime customized for you by you and your coach
  • Time Needed: About 15-45 minutes per day
  • Coaching Schedule: The curriculum is self-paced and all coaching calls will be live streamed in our VIP Exclusive group so that you can access them any time
  • Tech Requirements: A phone is the only requirement
  • ​Other Requirements: An open mind ready to trust the process and be coachable
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